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Chelsea's Thinger Dinger [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Nyan Ninja

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pinku_yoshi [Jan. 1st, 2006|12:15 pm]
Nyan Ninja
[mood |awakeawake]
[music |Kow Otani - Swift Horse]

I am officially using my pinku_yoshi journal now! ^_^ I may still post on a few communities with this journal though.

If you are on my friend list, please say so if you still want to be my friend on Pinku_Yoshi. I don't want to add anyone who secretly hates me. XD
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New LJ User SN [Dec. 27th, 2005|03:47 pm]
Nyan Ninja
[mood |happyhappy]

I have mentioned it before! I will oficially be Pinku_Yoshi starting January 1st! If I had semagic I would link it to you. But I don't, and I can't find it anywhere. T_T

So... If you want to be my friend, reply to this entry or on my entry on Pinku_Yoshi, and I will add you! ^_^
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I forgot... [Dec. 25th, 2005|08:41 pm]
Nyan Ninja
I forgot to put down these gifts:

From saintlychocobo I got a modded Xbox! It's more mama's than mine though. But oh well. As long as I'm in this house... MUHAHA!

And from strider122 I got 2 pairs of adorable socks, a DS case package with screen covers, 3 extra styli, game cases, and a car charger. HOO-HOO! Oh yeah! And a cute penguin DVD and a hello kitty mini dvd.

My mum also got me some 1up mushroom boxers. I picked them out at Target Friday. ^^;

Christmas has been great!

I haven't mentioned our Silly Hat Tea Parties here on LJ. So I will mention them now. We have them ever Sunday night at 7. Anyone can come. If I know you of course and all that... But yeah. We sit around the kitchen table, drink tea, eat cakes and cookies, BUT! You MUST wear a silly hat! Else you cannot come. It is so much fun. We sit around and well... Act silly! In our silly hats! It's great.

Tonight at the Silly Hat Tea Party, we had several new friends join us. It is usually 5 of us. But tonight, not counting my papa and my grandma, there were 5 extras. Lotta people around our little table! They are mostly my sister's friends, but they are my friends now too. Fufufufu! They are all super funny. We sat around and played NES and SNES games on the modded Xbox. Hilarious. Those guys are silly. I don't understand any of their inside jokes. But that's okay. I may not want to. For I play the role of innocent little sister! ^^; We played Friday the 13th, Contra, Jaws, GI Jo, Mansion Madness (I forgot the name... Weird game...) But blah. I am pretty much rambling right now. So I am going to go now.

One more thing... My speakers sound awesome. Hehehe. I am listening to the Minibosses.
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Merry Christmas!!! [Dec. 25th, 2005|10:37 am]
Nyan Ninja
[mood |happyhappy]

~ M E R R Y ~ C H R I S T M A S ~

HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO! I AM FAT! And it is rainy and gloomy outside. But inside our warm little home, everyone is really happy. ^_^ Hoheehoheeho.

I am so happy! Since Christmas is all about the presents, I shall tell you what all I got!

From my friends:

-From Robyn I got a candy cane and cute horsie plushie. o^.^o
-From manabu I got Animal Crossing Wild World.
-From saintlychocobo I got Final Fantasy X. Which is reaaaaally awesome.
-strider122 has a present for me, but he hasn't given it to me. He did get me ramune and some hello kitty pocky though. :D

From my family:

-My aunt got me some knit little booties, a snowflake charm for my charm bracelet (it has some blue topaz rinestones in it. :3), 2 small japanese kitty bowls (I almost have a complete set!!!), and 20 BUCKS!! My auntie always gets me the best presents.
-My grandma gave me 25 bucks. She forgot several times that she got me a present. She probably forgot again right now. Oh well. Hmm... I can probably make some money that way! Just joking! >:D My granny is very sweet despite the fact that she forgets everything. And I mean EVERYTHING.

From my family here at home:

-Swing Kids the DVD
-Some speakers for my computer (YAY!)
-A pair of socks (Black, white, and gray. Cuuuute!)
-Some bath and body works from my sweet daddy.
-A chloche hat. (Imagine a hat that a woman from the 20's would wear. I give this gift another "Cuuuuuuuuute!")
-Lotsa candy, including circus peanuts. (I love these, but they make me so sick. :D I will share them with manabu, saintlychocobo, and strider122. I know they like them.)
-A Harry Potter self evaluation journal thingy. (I finished the 3rd book by the way. I think I am going to buy the 3rd movie DVD. :D)
-A step counter exercise checker thinger-dinger. (Santa must be telling me I am fat... He also got me lot's of health bars instead of candy... Oh well. WAIT. WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS!? He ways like 500 lbs!!)
-And now for the grand finale... A DRESS FORM!!!!!! YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!! I CAN MAKE MY DRESS IDEAS COME TRUE!!! ^_^ I just need to perfect my sewing now.

I will take pictures of my new hat, dress form, and socks. Now that I think about it... My socks match the hat. Hmm. *light bulb appears over her head* "!"

I LOVE EVERYONE!! Merry baby jesus' birthday, homies!! WORD.
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Laziness! [Dec. 23rd, 2005|11:56 pm]
Nyan Ninja
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |Lonely in Gorgeous - Tommy Februrary6]

Eee! I have been watching a lot of anime. Such as:

-Paradise Kiss (An awesome anime. Also very inspiring. :D)
-Honey and Clover (Hilarious/serious... I can't decide which. ^^)
-Animal Yokocho (Probably the cutest anime I have ever seen. It's pretty close to Azumanga Daioh as cuteness goes too. Which is pretty darn cute.)

I am also OBSESSED with this song. It's by Tommy Februrary6 and the opening to Paradise Kiss, "Lonely in Gorgeous"! It's so coool! *_* Go download it or something NOW!

^.^ Goodnight.

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Rozen Maiden [Dec. 22nd, 2005|01:28 pm]
Nyan Ninja
I just finished Rozen Maiden. I cried. It was just too sweet! o^_^o It has to be one of my favorite animes now. It also makes me want to get a dolly even MORE now. My favorite dolls in Rozen Maiden is Hinaichigo and of course Shinku. I think I want to maybe do a cosplay of one of the dolls... Either Hinaichigo or Sousesuki. Oh how fun it would be! ^_^ Rozen Maiden has made it to my live journal interests! WOO! /cheer
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Murr. [Dec. 21st, 2005|08:00 pm]
Nyan Ninja
[mood |fullfull]

I need a new LJ look. Layout, icon, and all that. Anyone willing to help me? I have no skills. T_T

Oh yeah!! I have that stupid Pinku_Yoshi journal! Maybe I should start using that one... AHH! SO CONFUSED!!!
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Long post... o_o [Dec. 18th, 2005|10:59 am]
Nyan Ninja
[mood |pleasedpleased]
[music |Gorrilaz Demon Days - Last Living Souls]

Hmm... I won't be bored this christmas break at all! I have so much stuff to play and watch. It's gonna be great and I am going to get SO FAT! :D

Anime I have to watch:

1. Rozen Maiden
2. Honey and Clover

Video games to play:

1. Final Fantasy XI
2. World of Warcraft
3. Final Fantasy .... Um... 10? I think? Yes. X = 10.
4. Animal Crossing: Wild World
5. Trauma Center: Under the knife.

I also downloaded the Gorillaz album. It doesn't really have the old feel to it... But I am enjoying it okay.

I got a 30 day friend pass thing from Brian. I really like Final Fantasy XI. It's a nice change from WoW. But... It's SUPER confusing and very frustrating at times. I have already met some nice friends there though! I have a level 5 Gulka or whatever they are called. He is really cool. :D

As for WoW, my new troll mage is level 11. I am really enjoying my mage a lot. They are really strong. Kills enemies real fast. Like... a few enemies at once. But then I have to sit, eat and drink WATER AND FOOD I MADE! >:D Herbalism and alchemy ar great too. Searching for flowers get boring... But potions have a nice tangy taste to them. Well... It depends on what herbs you make. Right now all I can get is peaceblooom, those thorn things and silverleaf. Aimuya is still level 55. I haven't played her in a while. I have a lot of other things to do. My mum is halfway to 60 though! WOO!

As for Final Fantasy X... It's pretty darn cool. I am already into the story line and I think Wakka is a sexy man beast. Is that weird?? X.x ...... Anyhoo... I have never really played any FF games except for Tactics (which a plain out SUCK at. >_>;;). I never really have been into RPGS. Except for Chrono Cross (which I never beat.) Kingdom Hearts (never really beat that one either. I watched my mum beat it though. :D), and pokemon which I have beat. More than once. ^^;;; . RPGs are just... Too slow paced for me. MMORPGs are okay though! You get to fool around and talk to people! But FFX is going pretty good for me. By the time I beat it, I will probably want to play X2 and 7 and blah... Thank you saintlychocobo for getting it for me for Christmas! ^.^ Hoho!

Animal Crossing: Wild World is soooo fun!! I love it! SO MUCH! EEEE!! My character, Shii, has a cute veil and a black sparkly dress and she is adorable. I like how they took out the "change-time-because-I-don't-want-this-game-to-have-a-replay-value-thing-and-I-want-to-get-the-iggest-house </p>-and-pay-off-all-my-debt-in-a-day" thing. Thanks for not tempting me Nintendo! ^_^ The watering can is adorable too. And I really need a slingshot... I have seen TWO FLYING PRESENTS!! It drives me insane that I can't get to them!!!! I can't wait to see what happens next! Thanks manabu for that gift. ^o^

Trauma Center: Under the knife is driving me batty. I HATE IT! But... I love it. It is so darn frustrating. T_T I'm in chapter 5 right now and I CAN'T ADVANCE AT ALL! That stupid game! So yeah. I am actually taking a long break from it. Anyone know how to beat that level where you have to remove the thorns and suck up the white cloud and cut out the triangle membrane thing and all that? It's kinda like a puzzle... And puzzles are mean to me. ^^;;;


Actually I'm not... If anyone is reading this and has Animal Crossing: Wild World please tell me your friend code! :D I don't know what mine is or anything, but I will be getting it working soon.

Reboot! *taps button on her shirt and warps into a game* FOOOOOOO!!!
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Taken from Suga_bay_bee [Dec. 12th, 2005|08:09 pm]
Nyan Ninja
1. Why do you want to go to Japan? Because everything about the culture amazes me. Plus the food is yummy. And I like anime and video games and all that jazz..
2. What do you do for fun? I draw, sing, play video games, hang out with friends, and listen to music! (and check live journal and email obsessively. :P)
3. Describe your life as an imaginary animal of somesort. I would totally be a dragon! I would fly around and freak people out and stuff. That would be so cool.
4. Broccoli? YUM!!! Especially with cheese!
5. What do you think of me (suga_bay_bee) ? XD I think you are very cool and funny! :D

1 -- Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
2 -- I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.
3 -- You'll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
4 -- You'll include this explanation.
5 -- You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.
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I WANT A BEST FRIEND~!!! [Dec. 11th, 2005|08:54 pm]
Nyan Ninja
Ball jointed doll

I really want one of these, but they are super expensive! But... It's nice to have something special like this. I really hate porcelein dolls. HATE. They scare the crap out of me. But these are different. First of all, they are very anime-ish. Secondly, they are all different. They all don't have curly hair and freakishly long eyelases and blank faces. *shudder* You can customize them. You can make your own clothes for them... Name them... Carry them around with you... Have tea parties with them ^_^ , hug them!!! AHH!! SO CUTE! Mine would be very lovely! She would have long hair and purple eyes! She would wear cute clothes. Like this: Sailor uniform thiiiiing! She would run around and go: "WHEEEE!! I love you Chelsea!" And I would be like: "I love you too! I have awesome ventriliquism and telekinisis skill! Go me!!" And my dolly would say: "Yeah whatever!" Eventually lot's of other people would get them and we could have Dolly Silly Hat Tea Parties. And everyone who has the same mad skillz as me could bring their dollies. Kinda like angelic la--- THEY COULD HAVE BATTLES!!!! >:D I MUST GET A DOLLY!!! AHHHHH!!!!!
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