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I forgot... - Chelsea's Thinger Dinger [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Nyan Ninja

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I forgot... [Dec. 25th, 2005|08:41 pm]
Nyan Ninja
I forgot to put down these gifts:

From saintlychocobo I got a modded Xbox! It's more mama's than mine though. But oh well. As long as I'm in this house... MUHAHA!

And from strider122 I got 2 pairs of adorable socks, a DS case package with screen covers, 3 extra styli, game cases, and a car charger. HOO-HOO! Oh yeah! And a cute penguin DVD and a hello kitty mini dvd.

My mum also got me some 1up mushroom boxers. I picked them out at Target Friday. ^^;

Christmas has been great!

I haven't mentioned our Silly Hat Tea Parties here on LJ. So I will mention them now. We have them ever Sunday night at 7. Anyone can come. If I know you of course and all that... But yeah. We sit around the kitchen table, drink tea, eat cakes and cookies, BUT! You MUST wear a silly hat! Else you cannot come. It is so much fun. We sit around and well... Act silly! In our silly hats! It's great.

Tonight at the Silly Hat Tea Party, we had several new friends join us. It is usually 5 of us. But tonight, not counting my papa and my grandma, there were 5 extras. Lotta people around our little table! They are mostly my sister's friends, but they are my friends now too. Fufufufu! They are all super funny. We sat around and played NES and SNES games on the modded Xbox. Hilarious. Those guys are silly. I don't understand any of their inside jokes. But that's okay. I may not want to. For I play the role of innocent little sister! ^^; We played Friday the 13th, Contra, Jaws, GI Jo, Mansion Madness (I forgot the name... Weird game...) But blah. I am pretty much rambling right now. So I am going to go now.

One more thing... My speakers sound awesome. Hehehe. I am listening to the Minibosses.

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[User Picture]From: thekawaiikitty
2005-12-26 07:44 pm (UTC)
Great! If you can't find one, we have plenty. :D
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